A really good way of finding out what your customer’s think is to… just ask them!

One of the best ways to get the insight that can help you to improve customer service is to get the point of view of those who know you best. Your existing customers know more about this topic than anyone, even you.

Think about surveying customers to find out what they really think and feel about your products and services and your company and brand. It could be an online survey, or a telephone survey, either in person or using an auto attendant.

Incentivize with vouchers or tech and make it hard to ignore your request for their input and encourage them to provide feedback.

In a more formal approach this is a quality assurance feedback mechanism designed to make sure the perspectives of customers are an integral part of the process of improving customer service.

It’s also worth thinking about adopting a proactive approach to service and support. This helps identify minor issues before they become major problems for the service desk and the cause for complaint. It also promotes the idea that you care about your customers and their experiences and the value they get from using your products and services.

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